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Should you Enroll your Child in an Online Coding Course?

Should you Enroll your Child in an Online Coding Course?

Coding is a fun way of engaging children into learning skills from all content areas. While parents may see coding as just a fun way for children to spend a rainy afternoon, coding digital and physical devices can inspire children in many different ways. Should you enroll your child in an online coding course, such as the engaging modules offered by codeandplayclub.com? Consider the following points of interest when trying to make a decision.

Robots and coding are the future of employment. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association’s 2018 report on technical job health, there were over 2.8 million tech occupation jobs posted in 2017. In the United States alone, there are over a half million tech business establishments. Truly, if we are to prepare our children for tomorrow’s careers in the global marketplace – we must expose them to coding.

Coding is an innovative way to learn that transforms frustration with resilience. There is an abundance of research that proves that children learn best when they are actively engaged in authentic experiences. When a parent hands their child a coding activity, no matter the type, they are igniting a passion for learning by doing.  Children love tinkering with tools and seeing what happens when they exert their influence on an object. Children also learn to move past frustration in trying to solve problems, and develop a resilience that promotes success!

Robots and coding helps children develop logic and problem solving skills. When children build, code, and experiment, they are constantly creating and refining understanding in a variety of ways. Think of a fourth grader coding an avatar to walk around an obstacle – what must the child think about before, during, and after the robot attempts the task? Children are natural investigators and will mentally deduce potential issues and solutions. Once they have their avatar make an attempt, they will modify their approach until they achieve success. This is a powerful way to learn and have fun!

Collaborative learning and socialization are enhanced by robotics. Contrary to many parents’ opinions, using technology to learn, such as programmable digital avatars or physical robots, enhances socialization between children. When children work with peers, both familiar and unknown to them, in the context of an engaging, authentic mission they have concrete terms around which to communicate. Children who use coding to problem-solve and experiment can develop collaborative social skills that enhance their experiences inside and outside of the program.

Coding provides equal access to underserved groups in math and science. Globally, females, special education students, and minorities have limited access and interest in science and math fields. Coding powerfully infuses these core subjects into more accessible learning for all. Children of all backgrounds can learn to code with an innovative program like Code&Play’s exciting courses. When a group of children contribute to a collective task, inclusivity reigns and learning takes place!

As parents, we often search out the most exciting, fun, and new trends in education for our children. Incorporating coding into our children’s experiences prepares them for a future not yet written and enhances existing programs. Our children deserve the best, and coding courses add value to our children’s lives.

BY: Al Lewis, International STEAM Consultant