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What is Coding and why kids should learn it as early as possible

What is Coding and why kids should learn it as early as possible

You’ve probably heard the word ‘coding’ or ‘programming’ before and associated it with technology and computing. Coding and programming can be used interchangeably. In the same way that you heard about and became interested in coding, you believed that it was something extremely complex and technical, but it is not!

Let’s dive into it: coding is actually related to technology and computing, but it is not a subject that is beyond the reach of anyone who wants to understand it. Coding is part of our daily life and we are surrounded by devices running computer code, perhaps without even realizing it.

In this article, we will expand on the basic concepts of coding and where you can find it in your day-to-day life. Coding is based on commands given to a system in an orderly manner, so that it brings the expected results to the user. The languages used by humans to pass these commands for the machine to understand what we want are called programming languages. This dialogue with the computer must be arranged in a logical and detailed way because computers, unlike humans, will perform exactly what is commanded.

You are probably wondering what is the practical use of coding and how it affects our day-to-day life. Perhaps this is the easiest question to answer since almost everything around us today has coding as the basis of creation.

Here are some very interesting examples:

Connecting a "Smart TV" to your home's "Wi-fi" is only possible when a programmer (or coder) creates specific codes so that one device (television) can communicate with another (Internet router).

The application that allows us to find a taxi near the location that we are in only exists because the creators used algorithms (a process with instructions to solve a problem) to create a program that combines our location with the location of the taxi service provider.

Even the appliances that have the automatic food preparation module are developed by calculating the need of the user compatible with the characteristics of the product through coding.

Every click or tap on a computer or cell phone screen, the button on the remote control or the car we drive has a code that sends a command to the machine and it immediately responds.

In summary, the convenience that we find in the market today are only possible because of the use of technology has been increasingly improved by programmers.

Besides allowing technology to be accessible by all, learning to code is all about digital literacy. It allows various skills to be developed such as logical reasoning, problem solving, linguistics and cause-and-effect relationships. These skills are considered essential to any individual.

The new generation has presented great ease in learning coding. The fact that they have been in contact with technology since the early days along with the high job demand for programmers and success of many famous startups have attracted young people's interest in coding.

Therefore, it is very valuable for schools and parents to invest and nurture students' knowledge in coding, regardless of age. The sooner the child or teenager has contact with these skills, the broader his or her knowledge and skills will become. Courses conducted in real time, with interactive content and taught by real engineers is the best way for children and teenagers to assimilate this most desired skill in today’s world: learning how to code.