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Coding: The Future of K-12 Education

Coding: The Future of K-12 Education

Creating an application, a website, a game, a prototype and even software used to once be a task for highly-skilled professionals, but now it is becoming a reality among many students. This is because children and teenagers are already immersed in this universe of technology; they know backwards and forwards how to use their laptops and smartphones. Now, many of them want to go further and discover how to create their own technology.

Coding is still a concept that is taught in only a few schools worldwide. However, the tendency for teaching this subject has started to expand to more and more schools since it offers children exposure to and training of a new skill that is in high demand for the future. The United States Department of Education already addresses this by creating incentives for STEM education at schools, but it is still a process far from being able to catch up with the demand found in the job market. In the past, school’s main goal was to use technological resources in the classroom, such as laptops and digital content, to facilitate and improve the learning experience. However, the focus now is on providing students more exposure to coding so that they will have more opportunities - and the necessary skills - to follow careers in STEM. This will help bridge the gap of a high demand for engineering positions compared to a low number of qualified professionals at present.

Where to Seek Coding Knowledge:

With the demand to learn coding on the rise, young students can still only find this new knowledge in a limited number of schools; however, online tutoring services from Code&Play is helping to solve this problem.
With online coding courses aimed at children and teenagers between 7 and 17 years old, Code&Play offers many course options such as Gaming, Mobile App and Website Development and even more advanced courses such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - aimed for high-school students. Code&Play’s instructors are real engineers, with industry experience, who can help mentor and pass on their vast knowledge to the students. All classes happen in real time via video conferencing.